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“ I take pride in everything my parents have taught me  about honesty, hard work, and faith. ”

Who We Are

Choosing the right pool service technician to trust with your home is often a difficult decision. Unlike many companies in this industry, I help remove this risk by assigning the same reliable technician to your house every week. You will not see strangers in your backyard. It will always be the same familiar face week after week.

I have been a Broward County resident for over 20 years now, a dedicated husband for 15 years, and daddy of 2 little girls. I also take pride in everything my parents have taught me about honesty, hard work, and faith.

I would be happy to come to your home, discuss your pool needs with you, and give you a free estimate. A call to my number gets an immediate response most times, but should I not answer right away, I typically return calls by the end of the day, or by the next morning. As you might expect, my customers love the fact that I am so readily available!

Looking forward to hearing from you today,

Val DeSouza

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