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Pool Service Coral Springs: Hot Tub Maintenance Essentials

If you have a hot tub as well as a backyard pool, it's just as important to maintain its pH level, chemical balance and other elements to keep it safe and extend its life. Checking Your pH Levels Like your backyard swimming pool, the pH balance of your hot tub determines whether its water is too acidic or too basic -- both of which can cause problems. As part of our pool service, we will regularly check and maintain the pH levels of both your swimming pool and hot tub. We also maintain ...

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5 Ways to Keep Babies Safe Near Your Pool

Your backyard swimming pool is often the focal point of your home. It's where your family loves to gather and where you can invite friends to relax and have a great time. So it's not surprising that you want your baby to join in on the fun. Yet it's generally a good idea to wait until your child is old enough to hold their head up on their own -- usually about four to five months -- before considering allowing them anywhere near your pool. Keep Your Baby Safe Backyard pools are fun. But...

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Pool Service Coral Springs: Making Your Pool Look Its Best

When it comes to cleaning, maintaining and servicing your backyard pool, you can depend on the pool service Coral Springs residents have counted on for many years. But having our pool maintenance professionals care for your pool is only part of what it takes to keep your pool looking its best. You also need to have the right pool furniture and other accessories. Choosing the Best Pool Furniture The type of pool furniture you choose for your backyard pool depends on several different fac...

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Pool Service Boca Raton: Getting In and Out of Your Pool

One of the most important elements of your backyard swimming pool -- and the one pool owners usually think about the least -- is the steps or ladder you use to get in and out of your pool. Maintaining your steps or ladders is just as important as any other type of pool maintenance, such as balancing its chemicals or regularly removing debris. Trouble-Free Exits and Entries Ideally, you should never have to think about your pool's steps or its ladders. They should simply always be there ...

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Think Your Pool Is Big? Check Out These Monster-Sized Swimming Pools!

When it comes to swimming pools, bigger isn't always better. For most homeowners, it's enough to simply have a clean, safe, and relaxing place to enjoy the fine weather and some good times with friends and family. But for some people, however, the need to impress is just as important as the need to have fun. Here, then, are 5 of the biggest, baddest pools in the world: 5. The Pool at Pelican Hill Resort Pelican Hill Resort is a lush getaway located in Orange County, California. It fe...

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Planning a Backyard Pool Party? Invite Us First!

Late summer is the perfect time for entertaining outdoors around the backyard pool. The hottest temperatures of the summer are mostly past and the cooler winds of autumn are still a few weeks away. Before you invite your family and friends over for an end of summer backyard pool bash, give us a call first so we can get your pool in tip top condition. Special Appointments Generally, when you hire a pool service you will receive regular pool cleanings, chemical balancing and other service...

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Pool Water and Hot Tub Water Are Different

Some pool owners believe that their hot tub is just a tiny version of their main swimming pool. This is simply not the case. The purpose of a hot tub is very different than that of a swimming pool. Consequently, the way the water in a hot tub is treated and maintained needs to be unique. Temperature Variations The biggest and most obvious difference between hot tub water and swimming pool water is the temperature. Pool water typically is about 82 degrees F, while a hot tub is frequently...

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Keeping Your Pool Safe for Kids

Summertime is synonymous with swimming. And most homes that have a backyard swimming pool are naturally going to be the focal point for most families' social lives. After all, pools provide a great way to escape the heat and humidity of summer. A quick dip into the water not only cools off the body but refreshes the soul at the same time. Your pool service will keep the water in your pool perfectly safe. They will balance the chemicals so that the water is optimal for swimming without bein...

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More Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool Between Pool Service Visits

Your pool service will make sure your pool is clear of debris, balance its chemicals, and properly maintain its pump and heating system. But most swimming pool owners don't have a full-time pool service team maintaining their pool. So what can the average pool owner do to make sure their pool is in optimal condition between visits from their pool service? Life Hacks for Keeping Your Pool Clean Most home swimming pool owners can instantly tell whether their pool is clean or dirty. If it ...

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Top Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool between Pool Service Visits

Your professional pool cleaning service will keep your pool safe and great-looking all season long. But there are also some simple "life hacks" you can use to keep your pool in optimum shape between visits from your pool cleaning service. Here are some of the top ones we have found. Absorb Oils with a Tennis Ball Pools tend to accumulate oils that can come from sun tan lotion, hair products, and even from the natural oils that form on the skin. The last thing you want to discover floati...

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