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pool big hatWhen it comes to selecting a Fort Lauderdale pool service, you want a company that is reliable, affordable, and professional.

All three boxes are checked when you choose Family Pool Cleaning. That’s because we’ve been serving customers in Fort Lauderdale and elsewhere in South Florida for many years. In fact, it’s how we’ve earned our reputation as one of the most trusted pool maintenance firms in the state.

Fort Lauderdale Pool Cleaning

pool palm treesAt Family Pool Service, our team of highly skilled, trained pool professionals take pride in providing the best pool cleaning services available anywhere.

What you get when you hire us is peace of mind: You never have to worry about your pool being in anything other than optimal condition because we are always on the job. We will handle the routine cleaning, service and maintenance your pool needs to operate at top efficiency all the time so you never have to worry about a thing.

Professional Services at Affordable Prices

At Family Pool Cleaning, we aren’t a “one size fits all” type of company. We will individually tailor our services to your specific needs.

pool big poolYou shouldn’t have to pay for the same level of services that a big hotel or health club pay for. Home pools are simpler and require less upkeep and day to day maintenance.

That’s why when you call Family Pool Cleaning you will get a free estimate that’s based on the size, condition and frequency of your pool cleaning needs. You never have to worry about overpaying when you choose us because we consider you to be a friend as well as a customer!

So when you’re ready for the best Fort Lauderdale pool service available anywhere, then you need look no further than Family Pool Cleaning.

When you choose Family Pool Cleaning, you’re one of the family!

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