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Fun Games You Can Play in Your Backyard Pool

Pool time is fun, family time. But you can add to the fun by playing entertaining, exciting games in your backyard pool that don’t require you to buy any additional equipment.

Playing pool games is not only enjoyable, it also helps promote healthy lifestyles. When you and your family participate in these fun and splashy games, you are being more physically active, which helps promote strong muscles and healthy bones.

Four Fun Family Pool Games

Here, then, are some backyard pool games you can play to have fun and stay fit at the same time:

Avoid the Shark — One person is designated as the “Shark”. This person must tag the other players one at a time until everybody has been caught by the shark. Designate a ladder or another area as a “safe” zone. When players are touching the safe zone the shark can’t get them.

Marco Polo — In this traditional pool game, all players shut their eyes. One person is chosen to be “It”. When the person who is “It” shouts out, “Marco”, the other players must should out “Polo!”. The person who is “It” must then try to tag the other players using only the location revealed by the sound of their voice.

Sunken Treasure — Use a coin or some other object that sinks as the “sunken treasure”. Throw it into the middle of the pool and allow it to sink to the bottom. All players must then compete to be the first person to recover the sunken treasure.

Olympic Swimming — All players line up in the water on one side of the pool. They then must race to cross the pool and back. Whoever finishes first is the Olympic gold medalist.

These enjoyable, active pool games are fun for the whole family. Remember, the family that plays together stays together!

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