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More Life Hacks for Maintaining Your Pool Between Pool Service Visits

Your pool service will make sure your pool is clear of debris, balance its chemicals, and properly maintain its pump and heating system.

But most swimming pool owners don’t have a full-time pool service team maintaining their pool. So what can the average pool owner do to make sure their pool is in optimal condition between visits from their pool service?

Life Hacks for Keeping Your Pool Clean

Most home swimming pool owners can instantly tell whether their pool is clean or dirty. If it hasn’t been cleaned recently or was improperly cleaned, a residue line will form along the line where the water meets the tile pool wall.

To prevent this built up dirt and contaminants from washing back into the pool, all you need to do is quickly give this line of dirt a quick wipe up once per week using a paper towel. It only takes a few minutes and will help keep your pool from becoming cloudy and dirty between pool service visits.

No Dogs Allowed

A lot of pool owners who are also dog owners love to play catch with their dogs in their pool. Admittedly, watching your pet catch a frisbee or tennis ball while jumping into the water is pretty cool, it’s also  very bad for both your pool and your dogs.

Pools are kept clean using chlorine, a chemical that can be very harmful to some dogs. In some cases, it can irritate the skin and even cause severe rashes on canines.

If your dog is prone to shed its fur on land, it sheds doubly fast in the water. Excess dog hair can clog filters and ruin pumps. So it’s a good idea to keep your pet out of the pool at all times.

Keep It Cool

If you heat your pool using an electric heater, you probably already know how it can run up your utility bill. Keep your electrical bill under control by keeping the pool temperature at or above 82 degrees F. That’s cool enough to be refreshing on a hot summer’s day, but not warm enough to overwork your pool heater.

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