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Planning a Backyard Pool Party? Invite Us First!

Late summer is the perfect time for entertaining outdoors around the backyard pool. The hottest temperatures of the summer are mostly past and the cooler winds of autumn are still a few weeks away.

Before you invite your family and friends over for an end of summer backyard pool bash, give us a call first so we can get your pool in tip top condition.

Special Appointments

Generally, when you hire a pool service you will receive regular pool cleanings, chemical balancing and other services according to a regular schedule. This may be once per week, twice per week or even more frequently.

But if you are having people over for a pool party, you want to show off your backyard pool in its best possible light. If you don’t already have a regular pool service visit before the date of your backyard pool party, simply give us a call and we can come out to perform an extra cleaning.

Getting Your Pool Ready

Our highly skilled and experienced technicians can get your pool looking its best. We’ll skim debris off the water’s surface and vacuum the pools floor. We also can scrub the pool’s walls and baskets and steps if they need it.

Another thing our technicians will do is to empty the skimmer baskets and make sure all of your pool equipment is in optimal working order, including pumps, heaters and everything else you need.

Perfect Water Conditions

When your guests step into your backyard pool, you want to be certain that everything is just perfect. That’s why we’ll balance the chemicals in the pool, make sure the water level is correct, and change the pool filter if necessary.

If you need your pool to be ready right away, we can even give your pool a shock treatment.

To make sure your end of the summer pool party is a smash hit, make sure your first cal is to us!

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