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Early Damage Detection Will Save You A Lot Of Money!


Pool Service Margate will help determine what your pool needs for this coming summer as early as spring through CPS

We have saved a lot of pool owners from spending hefty amounts of money for pool repairs with our early leak detection technique. There are two kinds of cracks that may appear in your pool’s main structure. These are the dormant cracks and the active types. The dormant cracks stay as they are and won’t develop into major problems, while the active cracks will continue to grow bigger and may cause leaks in the future.

any leaks develop, our Pool Service Margate will repair the cracks, active or dormant, to prevent water from dripping.

Early repairs mean cheaper and quicker results. It’s easier to deal with cracks than leaks. The presence of water will necessitate special procedures and additional tools. The pool may have to be drained if the leak is already in progress, constituting a major repair. None of our present Pool Service Margate present customers have any leak problems since its part of our regular maintenance program to look for cracks and repair them immediately.

And it’s almost spring time. Spring is usually the time for preparing the pools and repairing any damages to get the pool ready for summer.  Pools are similar to water holes where animals go to during summer to cool themselves off. For us humans, it’s the pool. We socialize there while we take respite from the hot weather, and at the same time take get some exercise to keep our body in shape.

Pool parties are some of the most popular kinds of gatherings together with barbecues and drinks. Karaoke will also keep the party animated. The pool should be free from defects, such as cracks, and debris that may injure you or your visitors. Cracked cement or broken tiles may cut their skin. Your diving board should also be free from dirt and slime and its bounce should be checked as well.

There are so many things that can go wrong in a pool, especially if they haven’t been used for several months. In the latter case, a free evaluation will be in order and we have that included in our community pool service (CPS). You can contact us at our PSCS office if you want to take avail of our no obligation offer.  It means that you may take advantage of our offer and you may or may not retain us to do the repairs for you. We just want to return something to the community for patronizing our company. You don’t have to be our customer to avail of our CPS. This is open to all pool owners. This is on a first come and first serve basis.

You can send us an email at our PSCS office and a number will be assigned to it automatically. We will inform you of when our Pool Service Margate service personnel will come to make the inspection.

With prices of services and commodities going up, we are offering you a fresh approach of sincere service offering.  You can be sure that  our Pool Service Margate technicians will make a thorough inspection and the result will give you a chance to take immediate action instead of being surprised by the sudden appearance of defects and damages and the high cost of repair with it.

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