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PSCS Pool Service in Margate FL – We Will Work With You To Solve Your Pool Problems Once And For All!

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Pool Service Margate will listen to your pool problems and will solve them accordingly and quickly

When our customer starts complaining about their pools, we listen. We know that we are the experts, but pool owners know their pools better than other people, including us. It’s their pool and no two pools are alike, so it’s highly probable that what their pool is experiencing at the moment is different from what we have encountered in the past. We at PSCS always give importance to our customer’s findings before our Pool Service Margate experts do their own pool investigation and evaluation. There are a lot of important things that we know that we can learn from customers’ observations and in many cases this has made our job not only easier but also quicker.

“The customer is always right” they say and this is one adage that our Pool Service Margate experts understand to the core.

After we solve the problem, it’s our turn to make a report and inform the customer of what became of their complaints. And they are always happy to be of help. We are happier of course and we always show our appreciation by giving their pools the comprehensive repair, cleaning, and maintenance treatment to ensure that the same problem won’t happen again. And whatever problem in the future will have been taken cared of at the same time by our experts. We won’t let your pool suffer any problems anymore, that’s a promise.

There are many beliefs as well being exploited by some pool service companies which have no bearings with your pool performance. It’s easy to make stories to impress you but the truth is that they don’t hold water. And your swimming pool won’t be affected if you won’t follow what they say. They just want to get your business, which, if I may say, won’t do you any good at all. If they start talking this way, they’re being dishonest.

One of these is about adding chlorine to your pool’s water. Chlorine is sun sensitive and should be applied only after sundown. This will enable it to go to work in full force without being drained by the heat of their sanitizing potential. Don’t believe them when they say anytime is as good as any. And also, the power of chlorine is affected by the number of people and the frequency the pool is being used. So our Pool Service Margate experts will compute how much chlorine your pool need if you have pool parties. Do they have any idea how to do this?

We don’t want to sound like we at PSCS are boasting but we are on your side, believe me. Our Pool Service Margate experts will have none of their nonsense on your pool water.

And if they tell you that you will have to drain to make it completely clean, please call us and we will show you how we can clean your pool water back to 100% sparkling blue without draining any of it. You can use the same water for several years and yet they’ll remain as fresh as if they’ve just been pumped into your pool.

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