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Tips for Power Washing Your Pool Deck

It’s the beginning of the pool season and you want your backyard pool to look as attractive as possible.

You pool service can prepare your pool’s water, but many homeowners will use a power washer to clean their pool deck at both the beginning and the end of the pool season.

Power washers can easily remove much of the dirt and grime that can build up on the pool deck throughout the winter and also through constant use during summer.

Cleaning Pool Decks with Power Washers

Pool Cleaning in Coral SpringsPower washers can be used to clean most pool deck surfaces, including cement, wood, stone and vinyl. Most power washers come with adjustable tips and pressures, so you can match the pressure you use to your particular surface.

For example, if you have a painted wood pool deck, you probably would want to avoid using the maximum pressure of the power washer, otherwise you risk chipping the paint or removing it altogether in some spots.

Similarly, if you have a cement pool deck, a low-pressure power washer isn’t going to be strong enough to remove the ground-in dirt and grime. You probably will want to use maximum pressure, or something close to it, to get the job done.

Use Approved Cleaners

Another consideration is the chemicals you use to clean your pool deck. You never want to use straight bleach because it can be harmful to both the pool deck surface and to your health. If you are going to use bleach, always dilute it so that it’s safe to use.

Florida pool servicesBleach can get rid of most stains, but you are better off using a deck cleaner for your power washer that is designed for your specific surface. These usually can be found at wherever you purchased or rented your power washer.

The best way to clean a pool deck surface is to use a fan tip. Hold the fan tip a good distance from your deck and then spray it back and forth until you get the pressure you want. If you start to notice damage, hold the wand farther back.

Using a power washer to get your pool deck ready for summer is a chore that needs to be performed every year, but one that will have many benefits all summer long.

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